Graphic design / Branding (Yae)

This is the type of work I do the least frequently, but that i should definitely do more. I find there to be a great improvement in terms of discipline everytime I have to do graphic design work for someone. As opposed to painting where self-expression isprioritized, I find that in design it is imperative to maintain both the client’s desires and the purpose the design will have, in mind. Thus allowing me to learn a lot about the requirements of the outside world, or the type of business the client works with or owns.

Femme Coiffure Hair Salon Menu

Femme_Coiffure_Menu_Inside_finalFemme Coiffure Hair Salon – Menu (Outside & Inside)

Another thing I find this type of work to be useful for is learning how to maintain a certain homogeneity between different works supposed to relate to eachother through their aesthetics. I like making series a lot, and that is one important aspect of series I ususally struggle with; but again in painting, it isn’t that critical — the pieces will always someone be tied through the style of the artist. Being in a situation where a Menu, a Gift card, Coupons, etc all have to be linked visually forced me to focus on more subtle parts of the designs.

5"x7" Post Card Template
Femme Coiffure Hair Salon Coupon


5"x7" Post Card Template
Femme Coiffure Hair Salon – Premium VIP packages


3.5"x8.5" Post Card Template

3.5"x8.5" Post Card Template

Femme Coiffure Hair Salon – Gift Certificate.

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